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Thursday, January 23, 2014

MUA's merged trio (baked) eyeshadows in Eden & Legendary!

Hello lovelies! It's no secret how much I love MUA's eyeshadow palettes, from what I can recall I've shown you every single MUA palette I own except from the Pretty Pastels one (I'll make a blog post for it as well, it just didn't excite me as much as the others)
So, apart from the "regular" palettes I also own two small baked ones, in the shades "Eden" and "Legendary" and I thought it's high time I reviewed those as well!

So, let's see them one by one!

Merged trio eyeshadow in Legendary*

This eyeshadow trio contains a champagne, a golden and a brown shade, all shimmery of course.

The pigmentation's pretty good, although the lightest shade is not as pigmented as the other two and I prefer to use it under my eyebrow as a highlighter rathen than an all over the eyelid shade. All colors are very pretty and look great combined. They last really long applied over an eye primer and they apply and blend easily, they're quite soft as well (not as much as regular eyeshadows but all baked products are not as soft anyway) and luckily, don't crumble much.

Merged trio eyeshadow in Eden

The first palette was sent to me out of charge for review purposes, I liked it a lot so I thought I'd give the green one a chance as well and bought this beauty. I think its colors are absolutely amazing.

The color pigmentation in this palette is amazing, and better than Legendary's for sure, here all colors have the exact pigmentation. All 3 shades look ah-mazing combined together and I don't really think I have to say much, I find this palette absolutely gorgeous and a must buy if you love green eyeshadows.


They have a nice and sturdy packaging (which is a complete copy-paste from Bourjouis's packagings but oh well) and it seems they're going to last a long time although I don't know the amount of the product as it's not written anywhere, but who cares, they only cost 3 pounds each. I really think the quality of those is really good and I really recommend them if you like baked products and shimmery eyeshadows in general, especially Eden is grrrrrreat. You can find those at MUA's site.

Have you tried them? Would you? Which are your favorite MUA products?

*pr sample


  1. την πρώτη όλο τη γλυκοκοιτάζω και όλο δεν την παίρνω, αλλά ναι έχεις δίκιο είναι σαν της bourjois , επειδή τύχαινε να τις έχω, σε πολύ ποιο οικονομικές, και με πιο καλή απόδοση απόσο βλέπω!

  2. Όντως πολύ καλές.Έχω τις μπλε και είναι σούπερ!

  3. MUA αγάπη για πάντα...είναι σαν την διαφήμιση με τα πατατάκια...ποτέ δεν φτάνει μόνο ένα...


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