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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Makeup Revolution Review & Swatches (featuring Naked 3 dupe)

Hello dolls! Quite recently was launched a brand new drugstore cosmetics brand from England named Makeup Revolution and when I first browsed their website I could seriously not believe how big their products range is, which has grown even more by now let me say!

Packaging wise most of their products remind me of the MUA ones which was the reason I thought those two companies were associated, but Makeup Revolution states it has no association with Fb beauty (the group in which MUA, VIVO, Famous X, Look Beauty and maybe more brands I don't know of belong).
Price wise they cost pretty much the same.

Anyway, enough said, let's go see the products I got!

This was the product I was dying to try the most, because it's the first (and only so far from what I know) Urban Decay Naked 3 dupe that came out, and since I couldn't splurge to get my hands on the Naked 3 I thought I'd really love to try out this dupe. The colors are pretty much the same, or at least extremely similar, if you take a look at other blog posts/youtube videos comparing the two palettes you will notice for yourself. They're even placed with the same order. The packaging is nothing special, it's just a simple plastic case with no mirror inside but that's fine with me considering the extremely low price tag, plus it looks pretty sturdy. At first I was afraid the eyeshadow pans would be too narrow but thanks God, they're not, they're easily accesible. The color pigmentation is not the best in the world, but it's pretty decent. The darker colors are highly pigmented, the light/matte ones lack in pigmentation but they are definitely buildable. They're quite easy to blend as well. Something I didn't like much is that many of the eyeshadows are crumbly and you have to be careful not to make a mess when using this palette. They last pretty good on the eyelids if used over an eye primer (I never wear eyeshadows on their own anyway). Finally this palette holds 14 grams of product which is more than MUA's classic palettes ( 9.6 grams) and slightly less than the original Naked palettes ( 15.6 grams) and only costs 4 pounds. Overall I don't think this is the best quality I've ever tried, but for the price this palette is pretty good, so if you're looking for a Naked 3 dupe get your hands on this!

This is such a gorgeous shimmery baby pink blusher! I think it's actually quite light and shimmery to be used as a blusher, I usually like to use it as a highlighter paired with a pink matte blusher, but sometimes I use it on its own and build it up a bit for a radiant flush of color! I think it will mostly suit girls with light skin as a blusher/highlighter, it could probably be used on girls with medium skin tone but only as a highlighter. The color pigmentation is really good, it's soft and has no significant fall out, the packaging is simple yet pretty and it's pretty longstaying on my face as well, so I can only say I absolutely love it and want to try a couple more!
It holds 6 grams of product and costs 2.5 pounds.

I didn't really expect to like this one, but it was such a great surprise! I really loved the applicator, it's rubbery, ultra thin and flexible and allows you to draw even the thinnest line possible which I find amazing! Its color is a true black, as black as it gets, it dries pretty fast and when it does it stays there pretty well, I've worn it for 9 hours straight and it didn't run, smudge or transfer (over an eye primer of course), so I'm really, really pleased with it! It only costs 1.5 pounds and I'm definitely going to purchase it when it's finished! Love it!

Amazing lipstick - Crime * £ 1

left : 1 swipe, right : multiple swipes

This is a pretty purplish-magenta lip color from MUR's basic range of lipsticks that only cost 1 pound each. Well, truth be told I was not impressed with this one. Its color pigmentation is not the greatest, you need 2-3 layers for full coverage, of course it's buildable but I personally prefer lipsticks which are fully opaque in 1 layer. It's hydrating and creamy and disappears in less than an hour from your lips which really bothers me. It actually leaves some kind of stain but it's quickly gone as well. If you're looking for a lipstick which has a relatively good color pigmentation, doesn't dry out your lips and don't mind reapplying all the time then you're won't be disappointed. If you prefer bold, matte colors that stay on your lips for at least 3-4 hours like me, then this product is not for you. Although the color is bold enough it's quite sheer if I don't build it up, so I can use it when I want something hydrating and subtle on my lips I guess but I'm not interested in trying out more of these.

Oh, you know how much I love matte lip creams! And this shade is such a gorgeous peachy pink, I'm really loving it! The color pigmentation is excellent but I find that when applied on the lips it's not fully opaque in 1 layer, it leaves patches and a little more product is needed in some areas, but that's not a problem, once you build it up and the product dries it stays there pretty well and I believe this happens with this shade because it's the lightest of all, probably the darker shades will be opaque in 1 layer. It's not extremely drying on the lips but it's not the most comfortable matte lip cream I've used either. After you have applied you should not drink/eat/smoke until it's completely dry or else it will flake and look horrible, but that's what happens with all matte lip creams anyway. I find it takes about 3-4 minutes to fully dry, but once it does, it doesn't move for at least 4 hours, and even then it just needs a few touch ups because it first comes off from the center of the lips, like most lip products like this one do, but the outline still looks good. It doesn't transfer on glasses and I believe the darker shades will be even more longwearing, but I own the lightest shade and it was to be expected this one would not stay on the lips as much as the bolder colors. Overall, it's not the best matte lip cream I've ever tried, it's not the worse either. If you're a fan of matte lips give those a go, they only cost 3 pounds each which is far less that most matte lip creams cost!

And finally that's me wearing the eyeshadows from the Iconic 3 palette, the waterproof liquid liner, the baked blush and the velvet lip lacquer so you can see how those look in a full face makeup!

So, that's it! Have you tried any of these products? I really want to try out more MUR stuff, so any recomendations are more than welcome!
I hope you found this post helpful!


  1. Αχ μου άρεσαν όλα εκτός απο το κραγιόν! Θέλω εδώ και πολύ καιρό να δοκιμάσω προϊόντα απο την Make Up Revolution και πίστευα κι εγώ οτι είναι μαζί με την MUA! Με έβαλες στην πρίζα τώρα κανονικότατα!


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