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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Small haul & first impressions! Essence, Catrice, Golden Rose

Hello girls! Quite recently I felt the urge to buy a few thingies,  they're nothing extraordinary, just some drugstore products from Essence, Catrice and Golden Rose and I thought I should show them to you and tell you a few things since I've already tested them all.

Bioten cleansing wipes

I got some cleansing wipes from Bioten ( they were on a buy one get one for free offer) and all I can say is they are DREADFUL. It's a pain in the ass to remove make up using those and they make my skin tingle. Completely dissapointing, I don't recommend those to anyone.

Golden Rose Velvet Matte lipsticks on 02,04 & 19

Then I got three AH-MAZING lipsticks from my beloved Golden Rose, and they 're from their new series I had been desperately wanting to try out and I was so right! Those babies are extremely pigmented and completely matte but they feel so comfortable that you almost forget you have lipstick on your lips and they last for around 7-8 hours which is crazy if you consider the ridiculous price tag - they cost 4 euros but I got mine for 5 euros each (they were still totally worth it!)
The shades I own are 02 which is a locely everyday wearable pink, 04 which is a vibrant coral pink and 19 which is an amazing burgundy shade.

Essence lipliner in 08 red blush & 12 wish me a rose

Next we have two more lip pencils from Essence (I think I own them all now). I really love those, they are as soft as they should be, very pigmented and stay on really well. Their price is extremely cheap , around 1,30 euros each. I don't believe you can find a better lip pencil at this price, you should check them out!

Here's red blush next to the Golden Rose velvet matte lipstick in shade 19. Don't they make such a gorgeous combination??

Essence longlasting lipstick in 07 natural beauty

This lipstick makes a nice pair with wish me a rose lip pencil as you can see :D Well I have one more lipstick from this series and I'm not exactly a fan of those because they claim to be longlasting, but they're definitely not. you need to reapply them after every 2 hours or so. Another thing I dislike is they're not as pigmented as I'd like them to be. In order to get full coverage you have to make at least 2 or 3 swipes. Other than that they feel hydrating and soft on the lips, and I liked this color for every day so I got. On it's own it doesn't stay much on the lips, but over the lip pencil it has a much better lasting power. It's not bad for 2,80 euros but it's nothing special either.

Essence the lash curler

Next I got the lash curler and I have to say it's a pretty decent mascara for 4,50 euros. The applicator is simple yet very handy and effective, it doesn't give much of length or volume but it holds the curl really nice and gives lovely definition. I really like it for my everyday make up.

Essence I love stage eyeshadow base

Another thing I got from Essence is the I love stage eyeshadow base. I never really wanted to try it out because I thought it would do absolutely nothing for my oily eyelids and now I can say it's not that bad. First time I used it I don't know exactly how much it lasted but my eyeshadows had started to crease before 8 hours passed, today is the second time I'm using it and my eyeshadows have sliiiiiightly started to crease after 7 and a half hours. Overally I like eyeshadow primers/bases that help eyeshadows stay in place for more than 12 hours, but I can use this when I go for coffee or when I don't intend to have my make up for that long. As you can see it has  a beige color that helps with covering veins and stuff and comes with  a dough foot applicator. For the time being I think it's actually decent for 3 euros.

Essence Kalinka beauty eyebrow styler 01 babushka me
Catrice Eyebrow stylist 040 don't let me brow'n

Next I have two eyebrow pencils I got, one from Essence and one from Catrice. The Essence one is too warm for me to wear, it's a total mismatch, but the Catrice one is an epic win, I'm wearing it every day and I really love it! They both stay on really well. From what I can remember the Essence one costs around 2,50 euros and the Catrice one 2,80 euros.

Catrice The Giant Extreme volume mascara waterproof

The last thing I have to show you is this waterproof mascara from Catrice. I really liked the wand, it reminds me of the Lancome hypnose mascara. It's really good at seperating and keeping the curl (it's quite logical since it's waterproof) but doesn't give the ''extreme'' volume ( length neither ) it promises, it's however a decent mascara for 5,40 euros if I'm not mistaken and it has a fluttering effect for everyday make up looks. It doesn't smudge or run or anything, but I've tested on on the shower and it transfered, so it's not the most waterproof mascara you can find, but that's okay for me, I like it no matter what.

So, that's all I got! Have you tried anything of the stuff I showed you? Would you?

Για τις Ελληνίδες έχω και βίντεο :P


Φιλιά πολλά!


  1. η ESSENCE εχει πολυ ωραια προιοντα! Ωραια χρωματακια...με γεια!

  2. με γεια σου ολα!!! τα μολυβακια χειλιων της essence μ'αρεσουν πολυ! απο golden rose+catrice δεν εχω δοκιμασει ακομα τιποτα και αυτη η μασκαρα φαινεται πολυ ενδιαφερουσα...και τι τελεια τιμη!!!!!
    καλο πασχα και να περασεις τελεια φορωντας τα καινουρια σου αποκτηματα!
    κατερινα απο beautiful girls

  3. Great blog dear, love it

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